• Bank Sarasin was a leading Swiss private bank which provides specialized services to high net worth individuals in the Middle East.


  • Establish a name for Sarasin - Alpen, a private Swiss Bank, little known in its fraternity due to intense competition amongs banks such as Julius Baer, UBS and Credit Suisse
  • Ensure Bank Sarasin-Alpen earns media goodwill through continuous media outreach programs


  • Garner media goodwill through continuous media dialogue and regular press releases
  • Develop Knowledge Platform by way of industry reports
  • Create NFA for the brand, Global Fusion


  • In the GCC, Sarasin-Alpen has been sucessfully positioned as an industry leader in the banking and financial services sector
  • Raised the profile of Bank Sarasin-Alpen and Alpen Capital as a thought leader
  • The bank’s quarterly global outlook reports have become staples in key newspapers and magazines around the GCC
  • Global Fusion, an annual concert featuring some of the region leading musicians, is today a highly sought after corporate event
  • Establish Bank Sarasin-Alpen as a knowledge-promoting company 

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